Prodetector is

Prodetector is the portable counterfeit indentifier which can discern three kinds of special inks (Infrared printing, Ultraviolet rays printing, Magnetic printing).

These inks are used in almost every countries of the world and securities. It’s business card size, and weighs 60g which is very light. So the user can prevent the material loss by fake money when he or she carries this product on the journey.

Also, at the business place such as bank, currency or duty free shop, they can use this product on the charging cradle, and it’s more convenient because it has an on/off touch sensor and power saving function. User can learn easily how to use this product in smartphone application named ‘Prodetector’.

Comparing the special printed image in the app and the image that is scanned by the prodetector, if two images are same, the money is real, but if those two images are different, it’s fake.

Detecting Function IR / UV / MG Screen 2.4 inch TFT LCD
Power DC 5V Net Weight 60g
Battery 480mAh Dimension 92 x 52 x 17 (mm)